Light Alchemy Pulsar

The Mandala Light Alchemy is a 16 million color solid state light source programmed to recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, Homeopathic cell salts and outputs the precise colors representing each element. As color therapy system where the body receives its deficient colors though exposure to the colors detected by the sensor.

...Matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light all matter is a condensation of light into patterns

LIGHT is what enfolds the universe

LIGHT can carry information about the entire universe

LIGHT can produce particles and all the diverse structures of matter..."

Dr. David Bohm - (Eklof, 2003)


The nervous system responds differently to different frequencies of light. The Parasympathetic System shows an increased sensitivity to the blue part of the spectrum, and leads to decreased anxiety, hostility and resulting in relaxation. The Sympathetic System however is sensitive to the frequency of red. This results in excitement and increased tension. Blind subjects, who still have intact optic pathways, respond in the same way as sighted subjects when exposed to these frequencies of light (Joubert, 2004).

Photobiotic is the Nervous and Endocrine systems.

Reflex Points of the eyes (Iridology)

  • Altering the color and quality of the light entering the eyes, one could alter, beneficially or detrimentally, the balance within both systems of the autonomic nervous system thus affecting resultant functions.
  • Colored light therapy can act as a powerful tool to stimulate the biochemistry of the brain through the visual system by retinal-hypothalamus brain connection.

Nutrition of Light

  • Food, at a quantum level, consists of varying frequencies of light.
  • It is broken down in the digestive process and distributed to the areas in the body that require those particular frequencies to function.
  • Deficiencies, within the human body, in certain parts of the light spectrum (e.g. improper nutrition) could result in ill health
  • Supplementation with missing colors would supply the needed frequencies of energy/light and thereby improve health

When plant is consumed, the body breaks it down then utilizes the energy of light present in the eaten plant and distributes it throughout the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies.

This then becomes the driving force of the cells of the body

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (McTaggart, 2001)

Spectroscopic Identifying Elements

Using a spectroscope, the energetic makeup of the each particular element can be seen in the form of spectral lines as a color or number of colors.

Unique Spectroscopic Signatures

  • Spectroscopy, studies how light and matter interact.
  • When light shines on a material, the amount absorbed depends on the composition of that material.
  • We can learn the nature and elemental composition of the material.

Light and Sound

Sound and Light entrain the brain with the new connections.


  • 16 million color solid state light source programmed.
  • Recreate the spectral resonances for libraries of elements, trace minerals, amino acids, and outputs the precise colors representing each element
  • The colors are pulsed at a frequency representing each element’s atomic weight for more power and accuracy and can program manually.
  • Sound active that can pulse the light according to the sound frequency to generate a supportive connection between Light and Sound resonance.


L’Alchemy Pulsar is designed compactly, easy to carry and put it everywhere. The case is made by Aluminum, strong and solid.

  • The device control by Android tablet application with plenty of Spectroscopic light libraries and frequency list.
  • Integrated with Mandala Scan to receive biofeedback during meditation.
  • Sound active for supporting sound resonance therapy with light.

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