Mandala Breeze: a modern personal harmonizer that uses advanced technology to boost your well-being. This innovative device generates a low-level magnetic field that works in synergy with photon light and vibration. By harnessing these powerful forces, Mandala Breeze guides your body from a state of stress breakdown to one of complete harmonization.

The effectiveness of Mandala Breeze is its combination of harmonizing low-level magnetic fields, photon light, and vibration. This integration of forces creates a complete environment that helps balance your body's energy. The device has two powerful coils – the Quantum Coil, which connects you to the energy source, and the Bifilar Coil, responsible for generating and multiplying energy.

Mandala Breeze is a small and portable device, only 45x45x18mm in size, perfect for taking with you anywhere. It's super easy to use with just one button – turn it on or off with a single press. The built-in 500 mAh battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous use, so you can enjoy its benefits without any interruptions.


Product Design



  • Harmonize your energy or fine-tune your vibrations to achieve a state of balance.

  • Imprint a distinct energy resonance onto different items, liquids, personal images, and more.

  • Allow the user to customize their own frequency and use with Mandala Scan through tablet application.

  • Enjoy the optimal effects from the integration of harmonizing low-level magnetic fields, photon light, and vibration.


  • Mandala Breeze can configure the meridian program, which consists of 15 program slots set to run automatically based on the designated time.

  • Moreover, the user can create their own frequency presets and utilize the Mandala Scan feature to program the most effective frequency from the libraries with application.

Product Includes

  1. Mandala Breeze
  2. USB Type-C