works on psychic protection because this is really the area where most people who are involved in healing. The psychic levels of protection and healing, and there hasn't been that many devices that work on this level so this device was developed specifically to deal with this level.

It emits ozone by nature, but only in a tiny quantity that helps the ozone go, just as you know who is active are in a small amount that is disinfectant, and it's also pretty useful to be exposed to it in the proper amount.


  • Virus and bacteria killer.
  • Protection for unpleasant energy.
  • Tube is a particular tube that emits Argon gas, which is one of the noble gases, and it's powered by high voltage, like a Tesla.
  • Uses the highest frequency that is both safe and available.


  • UVC lamp in range of 185nm.

  • Frequency Range 1Hz - 40 MHz

  • Normal operation time is 3.5 hours.

  • Bluetooth tablet application control.

  • 2000 mAh battery capacity chargeable.

  • Audio trigger mode by Bluetooth audio.

  • Portable.



  • When we link it to the tablet, we get access to all of the libraries.
  • Frequencies for healing are kept in libraries. 
  • The library is also scannable using Mandala Scan, and we can check to see which one is the best to use before sending it to this device over Bluetooth.
  • We have a range of 40 megahertz so from 3 Hertz to 40 MHz.


  • We can use sound healing files to activate this, thus there are audio files and MP3 files with extremely complicated sounds that are striking whether the libraries of sounds that have specific role singing in the physiology as well as energetics.

  • You may put that sound through the speaker, the back, or headphones, and then we have the ultraviolet tube, which converts vibrational sound into light.


UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that exists between visible light and X-Rays.

The sun produces the majority of natural UV light, with roughly ten percent of sunlight being UV and only three to four percent passing through the atmosphere to reach the earth. UVA makes up 95% of the UV light that reaches
the earth, whereas UVB makes up 5%.

The sun's UVC rays do not reach the earth's surface. Only the UVC region has substantial germicidal effects due to DNA's spectrum sensitivity.


Ozone can produce a variety of disinfection byproducts, the most notable of which being bromate. Ozonation is regaining popularity, especially for surface water supplies that are contaminated by runoff. It is particularly effective against protozoan pathogen cysts and oocysts. While ozone is a powerful disinfectant against all waterborne pathogens, it is usually followed by low-level chlorination to assure residual disinfection as the treated water travels through the distribution system to the consumer.



Germicidal lamps that produce ozone eliminate bad odors and dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such sulfides, mercaptans, and ammonia. Ozone has the distinct benefit of being able to travel through the air to regions where direct UV light cannot reach. UV light with a wavelength of 185 nm kills bacteria and viruses on contact, while ozone generating lamps in a UV air purification system add a deodorizing impact.


In various germicidal applications for air, water, and surfaces, UV wavelengths of 185 nm are utilized in systems that generate ozone, a known oxidant that removes odors from the air and microbiological pollutants from water. UVC lamps that produce ozone emit UV radiation with a wavelength of 185 nm or less than 220 nm, which causes the oxygen (O2) in the air to decompress and produce ozone (O3).


  • Scalar wave allows the information signal spread or propagation in
    a multi dimension and infinite way.
  • Scalar wave emitter create a standing like energy field that carry the specific light and frequency information.
  • The standing field will create the positive interaction (resonance) for everyone that with in the environment.
  • With the scalar wave emitter, it forms a perfect shielding energy that surrounding our auric field.
  • With property of scalar wave, we are able to sending the healing information to different level of our physical or energy bodies immediately.


by Mandala Violet Shield

  • Its most basic application can be used as a disinfectant for the room.
  • UV light is non-harmful to the environment. The process of UV light disinfection is a physical one.
  • It actually disinfects that place spiritually as well as physically.
  • If you take the proper measures, UV light is less dangerous than toxic chemical in cleaning products.