Mandala wand is a powerful portable device with the combination of;

  • Non-Invasive Coherent Low Level Pulsed Lasers (Red, Violet and Near-Infrared)
  • Full Spectrum of Light Emitter (Photobiotic Lights)
  • Scalar Wave Emitter (Shielding & Protection)
  • Healing Frequency (1-40 MHz frequency)
  • The Bifilar coil as an energy converter.
  • UVC LED sterilization.

Simple to use Android interface for playing unique healing frequencies from Light Mandalas Frequency Libraries or customizing own frequencies. The wand can be used in a variety of ways as an advanced healing tool for healers, meditators, and anyone interested in achieving optimal wellness and balance.


  • Frequency is the universal language.
  • Everything has a frequency and a vibration.
  • The basic force, both positive and negative, that vibrates together produces a vibration known as "frequency."
  • It creates an expanded connection to the universe by moving and vibrating all the way around.
  • Every vibrational frequency and resonance in the universal energy network has its own representative vibrational frequency and resonance.


  • We interact with everything around us, including the universe.
  • Everything vibrates at a different frequency and resonance.
  • Interference occurs when two or more waves (frequencies) collide.
  • Interference has two types based on its polarity: positive (constructive interference) and negative (destructive interference)
  • We all resonate and interact with each other, from the largest to the smallest particles; from the lowest to the highest vibrations.


  • When experimenting with tuning forks of the same frequency; striking one will cause the one next to it to start vibrating on its own.
  • A fundamental principle in nature in such where energy can move from higher to lower energy and influence it to begin vibrating at the same rate.
  • This implies that when we go to visit others who are not feeling well, unhappy, or sick, and we offer our presence, our good wishes can help them improve their state because we transmit positive energy to them, which they pick up through resonance.


  • These dark speckles are not simply "nothingness" areas; they contain non-Hertzian components of the interfering electromagnetic laser waves.
  • Those released waves are information carriers that provide states of harmonic equilibrium and balance to the elements exposed to them.
  • The Light Mandalas laser series modulates interference patterns to transfer information.

Molecule transfer and amplify

While laser light is passing through the material's molecular structure, such as crystals, it is converted from the material's molecule to light form, transferred, and amplified by a resonance.

Sacred Geometry

It is a Universe Structure. The energy that comes from the source is divided into geometry, which then divides into other types of energy until it reaches our physical body. Geometry is the resonance shape with which Cosmic energy interacts. Cosmic energy is the highest form of life force that exists in the cosmos, between galaxies, and in space. It is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. It is this energy that animates life and keeps the universe in balance.


  • That fractal is the blueprint of the Creation, from the One to the All.
  • Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar at different scales.
  • Geometrically, they exist between our familiar dimensions.
  • Fractals represent infinity; they are a never-ending pattern.
  • It represents "Creation" and "Destruction," the process of Universe expansion.




  • Because quartz has a molecular structure, when a laser passes through it, the light remains coherent.
  • When a laser light is shone through Glass, the coherence of the light is lost.

Scalar energy

  • Non-EM waves with the potential for unconventional wave propagation are referred to as scalar waves.
  • Any energy that can be inverted to cancel each other out at the same time - such as light, sound, or frequency - can generate a scalar equivalent.
  • Two light waves are sent back and forth at the same time, canceling each other out to form a white spot and a black spot (tiny black holes)
  • The canceling point of two waves creates a black hole-like effect capable of infinitely transferring energy and even withdrawing energy from other dimensions.
  • Scalar waves enable us to generate a standing-like energy field that transports information.

Mandala Wand

Non-invasive coherent low level pulsed lasers

Red Laser

Non-invasive coherent low level pulsed lasers


Non-invasive coherent low level pulsed lasers


Full Spectrum LED Light

Photo biotics-Light Nutrition

Geometry Engraved Quartz Sphere

  • Through the use of quartz crystals with engraved geometry, frequencies and energies are amplified.
  • Using a combination of laser light, geometry, and crystals, we create a "Standing Energy Field" that positively affects the environment and human energy vibrations.
  • Crystal contributes to the formation of the Fractal energy field, which allows for infinite expansion.

Scalar wave emitter

  • Scalar waves allow information signals to spread or propagate in multiple dimensions and indefinitely.
  • A scalar wave emitter generates a standing-like energy field that carries information about light and frequency.
  • The standing field will generate a positive interaction (resonance) for everyone in the surrounding area.
  • It creates perfect shielding energy that surrounds our auric field with the scalar wave emitter.
  • We can instantly send healing information to different levels of our physical or energy bodies thanks to the scalar wave property.

Healing frequencies library

  • We can use those frequencies intelligently and smartly thanks to the properties of laser lights, crystals, and scalar wave emitters.
  • We emit a frequency signal from various sources, allowing us to target different parts, zones, and levels for specific healing results.
  • We can efficiently shift, change, and balance our physical body, emotional body, and conscious mind by using frequencies in a smart way.


Special Energy Work Out

  • Quartz - Opaque Gems
  • Quartz - Gems
  • Quartz - Transparent Gems
  • Subtle Bodies
  • Subtle Bodies Chakra Major
  • Subtle Bodies Chakra Minor

Health Maintain

  • Body Essential - Amino Acids
  • Body Essential - Vitamins
  • Body Essential - Elements

Overall Maintain/Repair

  • Normalizing Frequencies
  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Organ Rates
  • Homeopathy - Guild of Homeopaths HP

Emotional Balance

  • Body Essential - Actinides
  • Body Essential – Lanthanide
  • Homeopathy - Flower Remedy

Tesla bifilar coil

The Bifilar coil solution has a greater impact on the physical body.

The energy received by the Bifilar coil will be converted into an electromagnetic field. The Bifilar coil's second function is to connect you to higher energies, which requires less mental effort.

It self-charges within the coil, producing a pulse at the maximum of each signal phase, transforming it into a self-boosting coil. As a result, electromagnetic field emission increases significantly. The Bifilar coil generates a beneficial field for the human body on its own and then energizes it with crystals and magnets to allow it to spread widely.

UVC LED 3535

Ultraviolet Sterilization LED Chip

Ultraviolet-C emits at a wavelength of 265nm-285nm, which is suitable for inactivating germs and bacteria by destroying their DNA and RNA. UVC LED replicates UVC light using LED beads, which is a completely clean and energy efficient technology.

The UVC chip is applied in the Mandala Wand for the purposes of disinfection, and sterilization.

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