Light Mandalas Products


Light Mandalas Products were developed by an international team of scientists, who aimed to share their research from various areas, including martial arts, leading to the creation of Mandala healing tools.

Our team combined scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom to create tools that improve life. Sacred geometry is a sacred language and blueprint of creation based on shape, form, wave, and vibration, serving as the foundation of all matter and the universe's formation and function.


The study of sacred geometry dates back to ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece and is still being studied today in the form of modern science of fractals.

Well-structured water is crucial for the body, and our DNA codes are conveyed to messenger RNA through mini-ultraviolet light bursts via geometrically structured water molecules, showcasing the significance of sacred geometry.

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At Light Mandalas, we're dedicated to improving human life on Earth. Instead of just focusing on aging and sickness, we emphasize better quality of life, health, and living longer. We believe in keeping the body, mind, heart, and spirit balanced for overall well-being and disease prevention. Our philosophy is based on the principle of prevention. We work on creating tools for prevention through psycho-physiological healing, using Light Mandalas Products to bring harmony to every aspect of life: emotions, body, mind, and spirit.




Light Mandalas crystals emit harmonious energy fields that interact with cosmic particles, facilitating a beneficial impact on the user's energy field.


Our products integrate specially quartz spheres and crystals, utilizing full-spectrum visible and nearly visible lasers for neutralization and amplification, all designed with sacred geometric proportions.


The sacred geometric mandala field transmits informational resonances to the human energetic and informational fields (aura), resulting in significant benefits for the mind, emotions, and physical well-being.