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Light Mandalas is a beacon in the wellness landscape, pioneering the fusion of energetic healing and technology

Welcome to Light Mandalas 

Pioneering Wellness Through Light and Sacred Geometry

Our suite of tools casts a symphony of coherent light, sound, and plasma through crystalline structures. Each emits sacred geometric patterns that resonate deeply with biocompatible frequencies. These instruments are crafted not just to align but to rejuvenate your body's energetic essence, fostering relaxation and mastery over stress with every use.

Discover the fusion of ancient wisdom and groundbreaking science with Light Mandalas. Experience unparalleled wellness through our innovative light therapy and light healing products.


Embark on a journey where ancient rituals and modern innovation converge to redefine the essence of wellness. At Light Mandalas, we don't just create light wellness products— We inspire a movement. Led by visionary scientists and holistic wellness advocates, we're unlocking the profound healing potential of light, sound, and sacred geometry.

Imagine a life where stress dissolves in the gentle glow of tranquility, and vitality is restored with each pulsating rhythm of energy. This is our promise to you with every Light Mandalas piece you invite into your space. Welcome to the new era of wellbeing.

Discover the Light Mandalas Difference

  • Holistic Harmony: Step into a world where every light pulse soothes your senses, and every sound wave uplifts your spirit. Our unique collection of light healing libraries are meticulously crafted to restore balance and infuse wellness into every facet of your life. With Light Mandalas, you're not just choosing a product. You're embracing a lifestyle where equilibrium is the essence. 
  • Symbiosis of Science and Serenity: Your wellness odyssey deserves the best of both worlds. At Light Mandalas, revolutionary technology meets the tranquility of time-honored healing arts. Our devices aren't just built—they're lovingly engineered to synchronize with your body's rhythm, unlocking a higher state of wellbeing and inner peace.

  • Conscious Care: Your safety is our sanctum. Journey through the realms of complimentary therapy with the confidence of noninvasive solutions that promise efficacy without compromise. At the heart of Light Mandalas is a commitment to nurturing transformations that are as profound as they are pure—free from side effects and full of possibilities.


Your personal oasis. Achieve harmony and balance wherever you are. Designed for the rhythm of your life, this sleek, portable device is a masterful blend of technology and wellness. It offers a tranquil escape by utilizing the potent trio of magnetic fields, photon light, and gentle vibration to bring your energy into a state of graceful equilibrium.

Enhance your environment and personal well-being with Mandala Breeze's advanced features. Quantum and Bifilar coils work in unison within this portable device to fine-tune your energy meridians and calibrate your body’s natural rhythms. Tailor your experience with our intuitive app and optional Mandala Dynamic Scan, creating a personalized sanctuary of health that adapts to your unique lifestyle needs. With Mandala Breeze, serenity and optimal wellness are at your fingertips, ready to be unfolded wherever life takes you.


Align and invigorate your chakras for enhanced wellbeing and vitality. This compact device is a masterpiece of wellness technology, designed to resonate with your chakras' frequency through a symphony of magnetic, sound, and color vibrations.


Elevate your wellness journey with the 7Chakra Activator, a conduit to holistic harmony. It’s crafted to fine-tune the body's energy centers, fostering organ health and emotional balance. This portable marvel extends its harmonizing reach beyond your chakras, invigorating the skin, activating fluids, and creating a cocoon of wellness. Whether in active use during your daily rituals or passively enhancing your space as you rest, the 7Chakra Activator is your tool for maintaining a vibrant and balanced aura throughout the day.


Protect and purify your space with the power of UV-C+O3 energy. Designed for the rhythm of your life, this sleek, portable device is a masterful blend of technology and wellness. It offers a tranquil escape by utilizing the potent trio of magnetic fields, photon light, and gentle vibration to bring your energy into a state of graceful equilibrium.

Enhance your environment's energy with the Mandala Violet Shield's innovative use of pulsed plasma light and electromagnetic fields. This powerful device tirelessly dissolves energetic disturbances, creating a purified, harmonious atmosphere in your personal or workspaces. Whether engaging in healing practices or simply seeking a peaceful aura at home, the Violet Shield provides a sanctuary from psychic clutter and low vibrational influences, all while naturally disinfecting your surroundings with the cleansing power of ozone.


Transform your environment into a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation. By combining pulsed plasma light with electromagnetic fields, you cannot only purify your aura and living spaces but also harmonize energy centers and meridians.


Deepen your journey to wellness with the Mandala Resonator's Light Pyramid feature, which tailors harmonic programs to the body's circadian rhythms, optimizing each organ's energy meridian from dawn till dusk. Seamlessly integrate with the Mandala Scan for a bespoke wellness experience that detects and harmonizes imbalances, reinforcing emotional, mental, and energetic equilibrium. Keep it running to maintain a continual state of harmony in your personal spaces, ensuring your environment is a true reflection of balance and serenity.

Light Mandalas Products

Explore our light health products and discover how they can support your wellness goals. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, enhancing your meditation practice, or exploring health maintenance life style, Light Mandalas has something for everyone.

Mandala Astral Star for cosmic harmony, to the Mandala VN Star for aura balancing

Mandala Light Alchemy Pulsar for personalized color therapy, each product is designed to enhance your well-being. Discover precise wellness insights with the Mandala Dynamic Scan, experience portable healing

Mandala Wand, and achieve a comprehensive health overview with the Mandala Bio Matrix Scanner. Embrace the future of health and well-being with Light Mandalas

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         We invite you to explore our innovative healing tools and connect with our global network of distributors. Whether you're seeking relaxation, energy balance, or spiritual growth, Light Mandalas is here to support your journey towards enhanced well-being.