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Discover the revolutionary Light Mandalas, blending ancient wisdom with modern science to offer a diverse range of wellness tools


New Update for Mandala Star App - Version 17.3 Now Available on Google Play Store!

What's New:

     Bug Fix: Resolved an issue for devices running Android 14.
          - Continuous play in background mode enabled.

          - Adjustments to PSI sound for better user experience.

          - Improved visibility with updated icons and text sizing.

          - General minor bug fixes for smoother operation.

      Important Note: This application requires full permissions to function properly.

      For Our Users in China: Direct download is available at

Welcome to Light Mandalas 

Pioneering Wellness Through Light and Sacred Geometry

      Light Mandalas, transformative power of ancient wisdom combined with modern technology to enhance your well-being. Our unique range of wellness tools, designed by a team of international scientists, harnesses the natural energies of sacred geometry and crystalline light to harmonize and rejuvenate your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Explore Our Exclusive Range of Harmonizing Tools

Mandala Breeze & 7Chakra Activator: Discover the synergy of light, sound, and magnetic vibrations, tailored to align and energize your chakras, offering a pathway to a balanced and healthier you.

Mandala Violet Shield & Mandala Resonator: Experience our advanced UV-C+O3 energy protection and universal broadband harmonization, creating a safe and balanced environment for your spiritual and physical well-being.

Global Presence, Local Touch

       Join us at Light Mandalas Wellness Centers across the globe, from Chiang Mai to New York, and experience holistic healing with services like the Pharos Experience and Tachyon Chamber sessions. Our expert practitioners are dedicated to guiding you on your path to rejuvenation and spiritual growth.

Meet Our Founders

      Under the leadership of Mr. Akmal Tobgy, Light Mandalas is a vision brought to life. With his combined expertise in wellness technology, martial arts, natural medicine, and rehabilitation, he has cultivated a range of tools and practices aimed at enhancing life, health, and well-being.

      Mr. Chatchai Pintalert is the visionary behind Light Mandalas, combining ancient wisdom and modern technology to create unique wellness tools. As the project manager, his expertise in sacred geometry and energy harmonization guides the development of products that nurture holistic health, balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

Stay Connected and Informed

       Get deeper into our technology by viewing our products user-manual and download our Light Mandalas Apps, available on the Google Play Store for Android, and access a world of holistic wellness at your fingertips. With comprehensive guides and intuitive interfaces, our apps are your gateway to a harmonized, healthier lifestyle.

Join Our Global Community

We invite you to explore our innovative healing tools and connect with our global network of distributors. Whether you're seeking relaxation, energy balance, or spiritual growth, Light Mandalas is here to support your journey towards enhanced well-being.

Begin Your Journey with Light Mandalas

      Embrace the harmony of light and sacred geometry. Visit us online to explore our collection and transform your wellness journey. Light Mandalas is more than a product - it's a movement towards a balanced, energized, and harmonized life.