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Light Mandalas is a beacon in the wellness landscape, pioneering the fusion of energetic healing and technology

Welcome to Light Mandalas

Pioneering Wellness Through Light and Sacred Geometry

Holistic Light Therapy

      Our suite of tools casts a symphony of coherent light, sound, and plasma through crystalline structures. Each emits sacred geometric patterns that resonate deeply with biocompatible frequencies. These instruments are crafted not just to align but to rejuvenate your body's energetic essence, fostering relaxation and mastery over stress with every use.

Mandala Astral Star Healing Light Wand


     Imagine a life where stress dissolves in the gentle glow of tranquility, and vitality is restored with each pulsating rhythm of energy. This is our promise to you with every Light Mandalas piece you invite into your space. Welcome to the new era of wellbeing.

     Embark on a journey where ancient rituals and modern innovation converge to redefine the essence of wellness. At Light Mandalas, we don't just create light wellness products— We inspire a movement. Led by visionary scientists and holistic wellness advocates, we're unlocking the profound healing potential of light, sound, and sacred geometry.

Astral Star Chakra Healing

Discover the Light Mandalas Difference

Light Alchemy

     Holistic Harmony Step into a world where every light pulse soothes your senses, and every sound wave uplifts your spirit. Our unique collection of light healing libraries are meticulously crafted to restore balance and infuse wellness into every facet of your life. With Light Mandalas, you're not just choosing a product. You're embracing a lifestyle where equilibrium is the essence. 

Mandala Wand
Light Tattoo

     Symbiosis of Science and Serenity: Your wellness odyssey deserves the best of both worlds. At Light Mandalas, revolutionary technology meets the tranquility of time-honored healing arts. Our devices aren't just built—they're lovingly engineered to synchronize with your body's rhythm, unlocking a higher state of wellbeing and inner peace.

     Conscious Care: Your safety is our sanctum. Journey through the realms of complimentary therapy with the confidence of noninvasive solutions that promise efficacy without compromise. At the heart of Light Mandalas is a commitment to nurturing transformations that are as profound as they are pure—free from side effects and full of possibilities.

Eco Wellness Geodesic Dome Project

     "Eco Wellness Geodesic Dome" pitch introduces a timely, innovative concept for wellness guest rooms that cater to the growing consumer demand for health-focused accommodations. By identifying a gap in traditional hospitality, it proposes leveraging technology and bioenergetic scanning to offer personalized wellness experiences that support healing and reduce stress.

Mandala Breeze


     Enhance your environment and personal well-being with Mandala Breeze's advanced features. Quantum and Bifilar coils work in unison within this portable device to fine-tune your energy meridians and calibrate your body’s natural rhythms. Tailor your experience with our intuitive app and optional Mandala Dynamic Scan, creating a personalized sanctuary of health that adapts to your unique lifestyle needs. With Mandala Breeze, serenity and optimal wellness are at your fingertips, ready to be unfolded wherever life takes you.

7Chakra Activator


     Elevate your wellness journey with the 7Chakra Activator, a conduit to holistic harmony. It’s crafted to fine-tune the body's energy centers, fostering organ health and emotional balance. This portable marvel extends its harmonizing reach beyond your chakras, invigorating the skin, activating fluids, and creating a cocoon of wellness. Whether in active use during your daily rituals or passively enhancing your space as you rest, the 7Chakra Activator is your tool for maintaining a vibrant and balanced aura throughout the day.


     Transform your environment into a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation with the Mandala Resonator. Combining pulsed plasma light and electromagnetic fields, it purifies your aura and living spaces while harmonizing energy centers and meridians. Delve deeper into wellness with its Light Pyramid feature, tailored to your body's circadian rhythms, and seamlessly integrate with the Mandala Scan for a personalized journey to balance and serenity.


     Elevate your space with the Mandala Violet Shield—a sleek fusion of technology and wellness. Harnessing the power of UV-C+O3 energy, pulsed plasma light, and electromagnetic fields, this portable marvel swiftly clears energetic disruptions and purifies your surroundings. Designed to align with your lifestyle rhythm, it offers a tranquil escape while naturally sanitizing with ozone, fostering a serene environment in homes or offices.

Light Mandalas Technology

Explore our light health products and discover how they can support your wellness goals. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, enhancing your meditation practice, or exploring health maintenance life style, Light Mandalas has something for everyone.

Feedback and Reviews

"Light Mandalas is a lifesaver. Thank you for developing these tools for our world."


"The 7Chakra significantly improved my sleep quality. I used the sleep application and achieved a perfect score! An incredible tool!"


"I use the Violet Shield daily for protection and feel safe."


"Everyone needs the Violet Shield for their protection."


"The Astral Star offers special light energy for any energetic practice. It's a revolutionary source of light energy!"


"We tested the Mandala Scan alongside hospital diagnostics. The results were incredible and very promising."

-Hong Kong

"The Resonator attracted butterflies to my room, confirming its harmonizing effect. Incredible experience!"

-Hong Kong

"The Resonator helps me feel calm during meditation. It's a wonderful tool. Thank you, Light Mandalas."


"I wear the Mandala Breeze as a personal harmonizing device. It helps me feel supported and energized whenever I turn it on." 

-Chatchai, Thailand

Client Testimonial: Transformative Experience with Light Mandalas Technology

Our Thai client has been using Light Mandalas Technology, specifically the Mandala Resonator, 7Chakra Activator, and Mandala Breeze, and is delighted to share her transformative experience.

She keeps the Mandala Resonator in her living room and working room throughout the day. When she needs an energy boost, she carries the Mandala Breeze in her pocket, turning it on as needed. Before bedtime, she applies the 7Chakra Activator, and on particularly tough days, she keeps the Mandala Breeze on the headboard of her bed. This routine has significantly improved her sleep quality, enabling her to discontinue sleeping pills.

After just one month of use, she proudly shares her story, expressing happiness with her improved well-being. Her positive experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Light Mandalas Technology in enhancing daily life.

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     We invite you to explore our innovative healing tools and connect with our global network of distributors. Whether you're seeking relaxation, energy balance, or spiritual growth, Light Mandalas is here to support your journey towards enhanced well-being.