Mandala Resonator


We present you the technology to gently mend the energetic and informational fields of the body by nourishing and strengthening its weaker elements while rectifying discordant energy.

We are delighted to present: pure sacred geometric resonant light refracted through crystals - The Light Mandalas Tools.

We are a group of international scientists dedicated to sharing our years of combined scientific research and studies on Light Nutrition, Photobiotics, Sacred Geometry, and Crystals in order to create instruments that improve life, health, and well-being.

Sacred Coherent Light

Light Mandalas tools produce distinctively resonating bio-compatible photonic fields by emitting sacred geometric fields of coherent light through the crystal lattice structure.

Light Mandalas Products

7Chakra Activator

350 USD

7Chakra Activator

Highly Efficient And Fast-Acting Device For Structuring The Specific Area And Normalizing The General Energy And Psycho-Emotional State Of A Person.

Mandala Violet Shield

793 USD

* Price included tablet software..

Mandala Violet Shield

The Psychic Levels Of Protection And Healing. There Is An Affection From Both The Ozone Function As Well As Those Provided Function And That Fills Up The Space So In A Very Beneficial Impure Healing Environment.

Mandala Bio Matrix Scan

3,798 USD

* Price included Windows software..

Bio Matrix Scanner

To Assess Health And Monitor The Effectiveness Of Treatment. The Measuring Method Is Based On A Technology Of In-Depth Analysis Of Heart Rate Variability. A Real-Time Electro Cardio Signal Analysis Of The Individual Is Carried Out And Then Provides The Most Accurate Real-Time Measurement Results

Mandala Resonator

508 USD

* Price included tablet software..

Mandala Resonator

    A Universal, Broadband Harmonizing Generatormodulator That Creates A Natural Stabilizing Electromagnetic Background With Magnetic Coil That Upgraded To Bifila Antenna With 1-40Mhz Frequency Range.

Mandala Wand Generation 2

1,647 USD

* Price included tablet software..

Mandala Wand Generation 2

A Powerful Portable Size Light Mandala Low-Level Pulsed Laser Light Healing Wand With Red, Near Infrared And Violet Lasers, RGB LED As Well As Longitudinal Wave Emitters To Correct The Energetic And Informational Fields From Interfering Or Discordant Energies And Restores Their Balance.

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Statement of notification

Light Mandalas Products are not medical tools. They cannot replace any medical tools and medical treatment from doctors.

All information about the applications is collected and revised for the purpose of sharing the experience with users.

The results are dependent on their circumstance.

The products are developed for stress control and relaxation by using light and color with frequency combination as energy support.

All results will be the user's own responsibility.

Light Mandalas Co., Ltd. (Thailand) will not take any responsibility for any harm occurring.