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Your Portable Chakra Alignment Device

     Elevate your energetic health with the 7Chakra Activator, your personal guide to chakra harmony. This compact device is a masterpiece of light wellness products and technology, designed to resonate with the very frequency of your chakras through a symphony of magnetic, sound, and color vibrations.

Seven Chakras

     "Chakra" originates from Sanskrit, translating to "wheel" or "vortex." Our bodies contain seven primary energy points, spanning from the head to the base of the spine. These spinning centers in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical form, are named for their circular configuration.

7Chakra Activator Frequency

     Holistic Harmony: Attune your body's seven energy centers for enhanced organ health, emotional equilibrium, and overall vitality. The 7Chakra Activator doesn't just align—it rejuvenates, offering a path to a life rich with energy and balance.

Auras and Activation

     Go beyond mere alignment with a device that also harmonizes your aura. Whether you're meditating, resting, or immersed in work, the 7Chakra Activator adapts to your needs, stimulating skin and reflex zones, activating fluids within the body, and elevating the energy of your environment.

Tesla Bifilar Coil

Bifela Coil
7Chakra Activator
  • The Bifilar coil solution has a strong impact on the physical body.
  • It possesses the capability to transform received energy into an electromagnetic field, linking users to higher energies.
  • The Bifilar Coil uses crystals and magnets to spread energy around the human body creating a strong electromagnetic field.
  • This coil is self-charging, generating a pulse in each signal phase, thereby functioning as a self-boosting coil.


     Water is vital, transporting nutrients to cells and oxygen to the brain. It aids in absorbing essential substances like minerals, vitamins, and glucose. Additionally, water flushes out toxins, regulates body temperature, and assists in waste removal.


Water Structure

Activating Energy Through Mineral Influence

Water Element Activator

     The Element Activator adjusts its magnetic field using the most pristine silica, embedding its resonance into water molecules, enhancing their bioavailability. Through magnetic pulsing, it forms water clusters infused with silica data, facilitating the body's more effective utilization.

Silica Disk

Silica Disk

       Silica is one of the essential trace minerals required for connective tissues (cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels) strength and flexibility. It is also required in the production of collagen, the most common protein in the body.

Why do we have to activate water?

     Water is full of memories of all kinds of energy. 7Chakra Activator does not only activate positive memories but also removes negative memories from water. 7Chakra Activator purifies and removes all negative memories in water in about 10-15 minutes.



     Enhances blood oxygen capacity and hemoglobin function, while also boosting blood flow, skin nourishment, and subcutaneous tissue health. This element represents the most potent energy activation factor, aligning with the principles of Wu-Hsing theory.


Promotes biological tissue regeneration processes, harmonizing organ conditions linked to the "TREE" energy, targeting precise reflex zones. This element influences aqueous environments, activating molecular bonds within organic compounds.


     Triggers photochemical reactions within cell mitochondria, thereby enhancing cellular and overall bodily energy processes. When applied to the optimal reflex zone, it sparks the "WATER" energy, activating both oxygen and hydrogen atoms simultaneously.


48600 Hz

  • Enhances capillary action and fluidity within affected areas, employing magnetic structuring to polarize biochemical processes within biological structures.

  • Clears blockages across physical, astral, and mental levels, dissipating negative vibrations and memories within the water component.

998 Hz

  • Stabilizing the person's aura energy field and also creating a shielding coat effect

171000 Hz

  • Inhibits the function of viruses and bacteria in the skin.
  • Healing frequencies deeply penetrate dense body areas, prompting healing responses.

Energize Your Existence

     Make the 7Chakra Activator a staple of your wellness routine, and watch as it transforms your daily life into an experience of unmatched harmony and vitality. It's not just about balancing chakras—it's about enriching every moment with the rejuvenated energy that radiates from within.