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Health Wellness Tracker

   Optimize Health with Mandala Bio Matrix Scan: Your Comprehensive Wellness Tracker! This advanced device offers a deep analysis of the body's functional state, ideal for health and wellness centers, fitness programs, and personal well-being monitoring. Utilizing patented technology, it assesses physiological, cognitive, and psychoemotional parameters, providing easy-to-understand data and graphs. The Bio Matrix Scan is a crucial tool for evaluating the effectiveness of therapies, supplements, and exercises, helping users and practitioners make informed decisions for optimal health outcomes.



  • Representatives from companies that sell healing products can use the Bio Matrix Scan to showcase the effectiveness of their essential oils, healing technology devices, and crystals. This device enables users to select the most suitable healing products for their needs and actively participate in the treatment process.

  • Mandala Bio Matrix Scan helps to increase confidence and beneficial for  morale and psychological well-being.


  • Allow the practitioner to easily demonstrate the before and after effects of a healing/therapy session to the user.

  • Assist them in selecting the finest treatments for their clients.


  • Mandala Bio Matrix Scan (BMS) can be used for ongoing health monitoring during activities such as heavy weight training and weight loss programs. Regular tests allow individuals to choose the appropriate intensity and duration of exercise according to their personal needs and health status.


  • Device can be used to conduct frequent body monitoring during treatments involving dietary supplements, body cleansing, fasting, and reflexology.

  • BMS enables users to track their body condition, evaluate the outcomes of using physiotherapy devices, and decide on the optimal time, duration, and frequency of exposure.

Bio Matrix Scan
Bio Matrix Scan


  • To determine the condition of the circulatory and cognitive nervous systems.

  • To determine the degree of organism adaptation and biological rhythm harmonization using the fractal analysis method.

  • It is determined the user's biological age.

  • In order to undertake a comparative study, the results of two surveys are displayed at the same time.

  • The survey's results can be printed.

Bio Matrix Scan
Bio Matrix Scan
Bio Matrix Scan Software


Bio Matrix Scan Software

This screen regulates physiological processes that operate beyond the reach of human awareness. It responds quickly to changes in both internal and external conditions by adjusting the cardiovascular system, which governs the circulation of nutrients and oxygen.

It regulates the function of the brain and nervous system. The graph represents the energy level that you have left in the body and the energy that you already spent at a period of time.

The pyramid graph describes the overall amount of an organism's phsyiological resources as well as the equilibrium between resource accumulation and consumption cycles.

Bio Matrix Scan Software
Bio Matrix Scan Software

This screen offers information on the user's psychoemotional state parameters.

The brain activity frequency spectrum is determined by converting heart rhythms into frequency ranges that correspond to different brain rhythms. This spectrum provides an indication of various emotional and physiological states, including:

  • Delta rhythm predominance (illness, exhaustion and stress).
  • Theta rhythm predominance (meditation state, calmness and concentration).
  • Alpha rhythm predominance (relaxation).
  • Beta rhythm preominance (logical thinking state and decision-making).
  • Gamma rhythm predominance (future telling and higher power spiritually).
Bio Matrix Scan Software

It is a method for evaluating an individual's immune system status and predicting potential changes in their health condition.

The graph describes the relationship between the accumulation and consumption of resources in an organism's life, using a combination of logarithmic and exponential curves. It represents the amount of energy expended by the individual at the time of the survey.

Fractal analysis is a technique for visually determining the degree of biorhythm harmonization and structures that have repeating patterns, similar to fractals. Its purpose is to detect both normal and abnormal changes in function, evaluate the immune system's condition, and predict potential changes in a person's health.

Bio Matrix Scan Software

It displays the active status of each chakra, indicating whether it is functioning properly or not. Normally each chakra percentage should be greater than 50%. If not, we can concentrate and work on each chakra to balance appropriately.

Bio Matrix Scan Software

Aura is a data indicator of the immunological status of the body, demonstrating its ability to adjust to new situations. 

Bio Matrix Scan Software
Bio Matrix Scan Software

In the examination of meridional diagnostic data for forecasting an anticipated target organ, if it is identified as the most inactive meridian. The strength of Yin-Yang is accessed. It allows you to choose individual correction proper procedures.


The initial indices are measured before the client undergoes any clinical intervention, such as taking a fast-acting drug, receiving physiotherapy, reflex therapy, etc. After the intervention, the indices are assessed again immediately.

The results of subsequent surveys are compared to those of the original survey. If the functional condition has improved, the treatment intervention has had a positive impact.

The healing process starts with the therapy, but the body uses resources to fight the illness, some measurements may get worse. If the measurements have dropped after treatment, it's advisable to recheck them in a short while, typically 15-30 minutes later.

Bio Matrix Scan