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Ormus Elixir


    AquAurum, also known as Ormus, is an alchemical elixir with a storied history dating back to ancient civilizations. Revered as "the Food of the Gods," "Cleopatra's Milk," and "Manna," AquAurum embodies the essence of vitality and transformation. At its core lies the secret of Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORME), including Gold, Platinum, Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, and Palladium in their alchemical form. These elements, in their monoatomic state, act as superconductors, transmitting their properties to the body in a profound and transformative manner.

Beauty and Skin Care:

     Discover the radiant effects of AquAurum on your skin and body. For centuries, this elixir has been celebrated for its anti-aging properties, with legends recounting Cleopatra's use to maintain her timeless beauty. Experience the tightening and smoothing effects on your skin, with many reporting miraculous healing of various skin conditions. Simply apply 7-10 drops to your face daily or incorporate it into your skincare routine to witness its transformative power.

     Alchemy, the ancient art of transformation, finds its modern embodiment in AquAurum. Witness the seemingly magical process of transmuting common substances into something of great value. At its core, AquAurum harnesses the principles of superconductivity, enabling a profound shift in both body and mind.


     Embark on a journey of consciousness expansion with AquAurum. Sacred to civilizations such as the Essenes, King Solomon, and the Lemurians, this elixir holds the key to elevating consciousness, nourishing the energetic body, and activating the pineal gland. Experience heightened states of awareness, enhanced meditation, and heart-centered living as AquAurum opens the gates to higher energy centers within.

     Indulge in the transformative benefits of AquAurum with ease. Apply 7-10 drops to your face for radiant skin or ingest orally for whole-body effects. Begin your journey with a daily dose, gradually increasing as guided by your body. For optimal results, incorporate AquAurum into your meditation or yoga practice, and avoid consumption too close to bedtime due to its highly activating nature.


Customer Testimonials:

Listen to the voices of our satisfied customers as they share their transformative experiences with AquAurum. From skin rejuvenation to spiritual awakening, their stories testify to the profound impact of this ancient elixir on their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Explore common queries about AquAurum, its usage, benefits, and safety. We address concerns about storage, shelf life, and potential side effects to ensure your journey with AquAurum is both safe and rewarding.