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Bio-resonance Scan

    Discover Personalized Wellness with the Mandala Dynamic Scan! This advanced bio-resonance tool evaluates your Biomatrix Field, detecting deviations and identifying optimal resonant signatures for your well-being. Utilizing quantum mechanics principles and psycho-physiological coherence, it provides superluminal communication for instant, accurate insights. Portable and user-friendly, the Mandala Dynamic Scan is perfect for those seeking to enhance their emotional stability, mental clarity, and overall health through tailored bio-informational field analysis.



     Mandala Dynamic Scan is designed with a small and portable aluminum case that is both sturdy and easy to carry, making it convenient to bring anywhere.

Mandala Scan


  • Scalar and vector potentials in electrodynamics can form an information field that transmits data faster than light without using energy or momentum.

  • A particle's field enables superluminal communication by transforming its surroundings into a medium for instant information transfer.

  • Superluminal communication is enabled by the link between scalar and vector potentials and the electric and magnetic field strengths, which are not spatially restricted.

Mandala Scan
Mandala Scan Application

Probability Wave

  • In quantum mechanics, particles are represented by "probability waves," indicating a range of possible states, and according to the Copenhagen interpretation, can exist in multiple states simultaneously, called a superposition of states.

  • The wave function collapses into a specific state at the moment of observation or measurement. The scanning process, initiated by pure consciousness, reaches completion once the coherent state is achieved and the desired results are attained.

  • Setting a clear intention is important when performing the scan. Repeating the scan immediately can lead to different results since the intent behind the scan is different the second time.

Psycho-physiological Coherence

Psycho-Physiological coherence
  • Coherence, unlike relaxation, is characterized by the system's oscillation at its own frequency, fostering greater synchrony and harmony in the nervous system and heart-brain relationship.

  • In the state of coherence, the Mandala Scan transfers biomatrix information. The scan starts with the onset of coherence and persists as long as this state is maintained. When coherence ceases, the scan stops and gathers the results.

  • The user's consciousness operates the Mandala Scan and determines the result.

Mandala Scan with Light Mandalas Products

     Using Mandala Scan to generate special preset for Mandala Astral Star, Mandala VN Star, Mandala Light Alchemy, Mandala Wand, and Mandala Violet Shield to get the effective results with Light Mandalas devices.

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