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Eco Wellness Geodesic Dome

”You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To Change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminister Fuller, American Architect

Geodesic Dome Inventor (1940s)

     The "Eco Wellness Geodesic Dome" pitch introduces a timely, innovative concept for wellness guest rooms that cater to the growing consumer demand for health-focused accommodations. By identifying a gap in traditional hospitality, it proposes leveraging technology and bioenergetic scanning to offer personalized wellness experiences that support healing and reduce stress.

Key strengths include:

     1. Innovative Solution: Customizing room environments based on bio-resonance analysis for individual healing needs.

     2. Timeliness: Capitalizing on the post-pandemic surge in wellness-oriented lifestyles.

Areas for enhancement:

     1. Market Analysis: More detailed data on the wellness tourism market size and growth.

     2. Competitive Landscape: A clearer distinction of how Eco Wellness Resorts stand out from existing offerings.

     3. Financial Details: Insights into the business model, expected ROI, and detailed financial projections.

     To attract potential investors, the pitch should focus on detailing the market opportunity, unique competitive advantages, financial viability, and the team’s expertise in both hospitality and wellness. This approach will not only clarify the business potential but also underline the capability to execute the proposed vision effectively.

6m Geodesic Dome

8m Geodesic Dome

Wellness Technology

     Light Mandalas introduces the "Eco Wellness Geodesic Dome," an avant-garde concept in wellness resorts aimed at enhancing overall well-being. Our guest rooms are designed to alleviate stress and support healing through innovative technologies. Upon arrival, guests participate in a welcome ritual that includes a comprehensive bio-resonance analysis while enjoying a welcome drink. This analysis, measuring the body's electromagnetic frequencies, allows us to tailor the room's environment—light, color, sound, and electromagnetic spectrum—to each guest's specific health needs.

     Throughout their stay, guests experience continuous emotional and physical balancing during 8-10 hours of rest each night, promoting a transformative wellness experience beyond the conventional B&B. This unique approach not only differentiates your resort but also attracts those seeking a holistic rejuvenation experience. Embrace the future of Wellness Tourism with Light Mandalas' health-centric accommodations.

     Full Spectrum Circadian Rhythm LED Lighting System—designed to manage stress and maintain your natural biorhythms. This innovative system adjusts the color temperature of artificial lighting throughout the day, evening, and night, aligning with your natural circadian rhythms. Experience a comfortable and personalized environment that promotes relaxation, improves sleep cycles, and enhances overall well-being.

     Our 360-degree high-definition sound therapy system emits gentle, precise frequencies and sound waves combined with personalized affirmations. This holistic approach offers lasting stress relief and deep emotional healing.

     Mandala Resonator is a unique broadband harmonizing generator designed to create a natural stabilizing electromagnetic field using light, sound, and electromagnetic frequencies. It harmonizes the mood in spaces, promoting relaxation and well-being. When combined with the tablet-based Mandala Scan Bio-resonance evaluation tool, it detects deviations in the client's energetic field and sends corrective signals to balance their emotional, mental, and physical energy.

     Mandala Scan Bio-resonance Health Evaluation detects deviations in the guest’s energetic field and sends corrective signals to the Health Harmonizer. This process balances and heals emotional, mental, and physical states by producing the required electromagnetic fields of colored light, sound, magnetic, and plasma fields.

     Earthing Mat remove the harmful impact of electromagnetic fields from devices like mobile phones and WiFi. They restore health and balance to the nervous system, brain, and the natural electrical potentials of the body's cells.

     Galaxy Star Projector: projects moving Sky, Stars, and Galaxies, turning the dome ceiling into a Planetarium atmosphere.

     Ozone disinfection purifies the air, strengthens the immune system, destroys fungi, bacteria, and viruses, eliminates odors, reduces dust, improves breathing, and enhances sleep quality.

     Drinking Water Activating and Structuring charges water by energizing its elements and restructuring its molecular clusters. This process activates natural elements and minerals for better absorption, hydration, and enhanced health benefits.

     Electronic Mosquito Repellent attracts mosquitoes with UV light and eliminates them with a high-voltage field, without harmful chemicals or sprays. It includes special frequency protection.

Wellness Room System Includes:

❑ Full Spectrum Circadian Rhythm LED Light strip for the room

❑ Mandala Resonator

❑ Control Tablet with Wireless control module for the room

❑ Mandala Water Activator + 7 Chakra Activator + Silicon Disk

❑ Mandala Scan

❑ Earthing Mat for bed

❑ Ozonized disinfection device for bathroom, automatic system

❑ Mandala Star Projector

❑ 360 degree Hi-definition Sound therapy system with a special track