light mandalas

Strategic Advisory Board

Akmal Tobgy

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary Leader & Wellness Pioneer

     With over two decades at the forefront of the Health and Wellness industries and Medical Tourism, Akmal has been a transformative force in these sectors. As the founder and managing director of Light Mandalas in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he has spearheaded the research, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge wellness technologies. His passion for enhancing life and well-being is evident in every project he undertakes.

      His journey in the wellness realm extends to founding Mandala Group, a company dedicated to developing wellness centers and Eco-Wellness resorts. Akmal's expertise and innovative approach have earned him global recognition as a director, advisor, and technical consultant for premier anti-aging and complementary medical tourism destinations. His impressive portfolio includes:

  • Director and Advisor at Pakua Integrative Medicine Clinic and Tao Garden Health Resort, Thailand
  • Bioenergetics Technology Consultant at Chiva Som, Thailand
  • Managing Director at Villa Medica China
  • VP of Technology & Business Development at World Anti-Aging, China
  • International Projects Director for The Bodhi, Holistic Medical Centres, and Bangkok Mediplex
  • Visiting Specialist at Nile Valley Hospital, Egypt
  • Executive VP of International Life Sciences Research Association, China

      Akmal's visionary leadership led to the establishment of The Bodhi International Company in Hong Kong, a trailblazer in franchising, designing, and managing health and wellness centers globally. He also co-founded RomLight Company in Canada, introducing innovative energy-saving technologies.

      Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Akmal is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Electro-Acupuncture, Bioenergetics, clinical Biofeedback, and Psycho-Spiritual Integration. His martial arts journey, beginning at age 11, includes disciplines like Judo, Kungfu, Tai Chi, and Qigong, enriched by years of living and studying with Taoist Masters in China.

      An acclaimed educator, Akmal lectures internationally on Bioenergetics, ancient Asian healing arts, stress management, and Psycho-Spiritual Integration. His tenure at the Tao Garden Complementary Medicine Centre as a senior Universal Healing Tao teacher and his roles in Canada and Egypt underscore his profound impact in this field.

      Akmal holds a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communications from Washington State University and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

      As the CEO of Light Mandalas, Akmal continues to be the guiding force and visionary scientist, shaping the future of wellness and health technologies.

Mr. Chatchai Pintalert

Innovator at the Intersection of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology

      As the visionary leader of Light Mandalas, Mr. Chatchai Pintalert stands out for his exceptional ability to merge timeless traditions with contemporary technological advancements in the realm of wellness. With his background in computer science, Mr. Chatchai brings a rare blend of analytical thinking and innovative creativity to the field of wellness technology.

Innovations and Contributions:

      Mr. Chatchai is the driving force behind Light Mandalas' diverse product range, which seamlessly integrates the principles of sacred geometry and light therapy with cutting-edge design. His approach results in products like the Mandala Resonator and 7Chakra Activator, which are not just technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in holistic health concepts.

Philosophy and Vision:

      Rooted in the belief in a balanced body, mind, and spirit, Mr. Chatchai is dedicated to unlocking the potential of light and geometric patterns in wellness. His aspiration goes beyond creating innovative products; he aims to cultivate a worldwide community committed to holistic health, combining the insights of ancient practices with the precision of modern science.

Recognition and Influence:

      Under Mr. Chatchai's stewardship, Light Mandalas has gained international acclaim as a pioneer in wellness technology. His unique perspective, shaped by his technical background, has not only enhanced the functionality of Light Mandalas' offerings but also positioned the brand as a leader in integrating technology with wellness practices.

Future Endeavors:

      Mr. Chatchai is continuously venturing into new areas of wellness technology, committed to evolving and refining methods that align with his vision of a world where holistic health is paramount. His journey, deeply informed by his technical acumen, is focused on developing innovative tools that redefine the landscape of holistic health and wellness.

Professor Chukhraiev Mykola

     Born: December 13, 1959 in the city of Bidnodem Yaniv, Penza region, The Russian Federation, married, has 2 children, 4 grandchildren.


     • Higher - 1982 - TVVAIU (Tambov).

     • Postgraduate studies - 1986 - 1989 - KIVVD (Kyiv).

     • Defense of the dissertation of the Candidate of Technical Sciences - 1990 - KIVVD (Kyiv).

     • Defense of the dissertation of doctor of sciences in the field of medical psychology - 2015, IAPM (Kyiv).

     • Doctor of Acupuncture, 2004 г. (Канада).

     • Doctor of Natural Medicine, 2011 р (Німеччина).

     • Professor of Psychological Diagnostics and Correction - 2015 (Kyiv).

Honorary titles:

  • Honorary member of the WAFC
  • Academician of the Medical and Technical Academy of Sciences.
  • Academician of the International Technological Academy of Sciences.
  • Member-cor. Kyiv Academy of Sciences.
  • Member-cor. Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • Member of the Canadian Acupuncture Association.
  • Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History.

Scientific work:

  • Scientific adviser of 12 GDR and 7 R&D;
  • Author andspivator 49 monographs on medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, balneology, cosmetology and medical equipment;
  • Author and co-author of 76 scientific articles.
  • Reports at scientific and practical conferences - 29.
  • Author and co-author of 110 inventions and author's works.

Scientific and practical work:

  1. Management of production development and organization: 73 devices for medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, balneology, 8 devices for cosmetology, prevention and recovery; 4 devices for cleaning and changing the structure of water.
  2. Guidance on the development of a program to preserve the health of children on the basis of educational institutions.
  3. Management of the development of the project for the creation of a specialized technopark "Medical Innovative Rehabilitation Technologies".
  4. Management of the development of a project to improve the quality of life of patients with socially significant diseases.
  5. The management of the development of the project of rehabilitation of persons suffered extreme situations (astronauts, liquidators of accidents, combatants)  on the basis of the useof low andintensive physiotherapy and microclimate therapy.