The Mandala Astral Star embodies the sacred geometry of the universe, where all matter is condensed into geometric shapes of light.

The device uses crystals to transfer positive energy and create fractal fields, which can be sensed through resonance and transmit information to the energetic system.

  • The visible spectrum of light from the universe, with its rainbow of colors, is detectable by the device.
  • The majority of the spectrum, however, is invisible.
  • Mandala Astral Star operates on visible energies.

Light is what enfolds the universe.

Light can carry information about the entire universe.

Light can produce particles and all the diverse structures of matter.

Dr. David Bobm – (Eklof, 2003)

Mandala Astral Star-User Manual


    • The device emits light and photon fields that form geometric shapes.
    • These shapes of sacred geometry pass through a crystal and disperse through its molecular structure.
    • This creates a multi-harmonic, holographic fractal field with multiple octaves of light.


  • The tiny spectrum of light from universe with this rainbow color is only visible for us.
  • The rest of the spectrum is invisible.
  • Mandala Astral Star works with the energies that are visible.


  • By modulating interference patterns, the device creates a harmonic, holographic fractal field that combines the forces of sacred geometric shapes as waveguides.
  • Crystals act as piezoelectric resonators and light as energy within this field.
  • Each color corresponds to a specific frequency within the spectrum.
  • Sound is conveyed through pressure waves that can be used to enhance the device's effects.


    • By combining the geometric structures of pure, resonantly tuned crystals with coherent light, precise geometric patterns are formed.
    • Fields of light with unique resonating properties are generated.
    • Resonantly tuned crystals are precisely cut to conform to universal geometric proportions for use with white lasers.
    • The resonant geometric photon fields can interact with the human energetic and informational fields, leading to interesting effects.

    • Using these fields, scientists can create custom ambient atmospheres that can affect a person's mood and consciousness. By entraining brain waves and bio-fields, these atmospheres can be tailored to specific needs, whether it's for relaxation, focus, or creativity.

      • Geometric mandala fields can deliver precise informational resonances that interact with the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational fields. These resonances can result in harmonious mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual states.
      • The Mandala White Star is an exciting innovation that enhances the atmosphere of spaces, resulting in improved mood and energetic benefits. This makes it perfect for relaxation and wellness studios, health retreats, and personal meditation spaces. Whether you're looking to destress, find inner peace, or simply improve your overall well-being, the Mandala White Star can help you achieve your goals.




      Mandala Astral Star includes the extensive collection of mandala libraries (photon resonance libraries) promoting protection, energizing, happiness, clearing, healing, DNA activation, emotional state balancing, positive influence on outcomes, clarity, and relationships harmonizing.


      • Mandala Astral Star has a strong aluminum case.
      • Shining a coherence light through the crystal sphere or light wand.
      • Integrated with special scalar wave that is effected from light resonance.
      • It programs through Android Tablet Application.


      Loving, Kindness and Prosperity

      By prioritizing the healing of our individual souls, we can make a meaningful impact on collective consciousness and advance human evolution.

      This approach also confers some level of spiritual protection that is applicable to all. Consistent engagement can enhance both men and women energy, promoting greater balance and sensuality.

      Effect on the Environment

      • Balance out all the noises
      • Bring Clarity
      • Bring Inspirations
      • Clear Musty Feeling
      • Clear Blockage to Prosperity
      • Create a comfortable and easy-to-use workspace

      Effect on the Aura

      • Bring all energy bodies into balance
      • Facilitates comprehension
      • A greater sense of awareness
      • Moderate defense
      • Aura purification that is subtle
      • Dissolves neurotic energy blocks
      • Enhances uptime (energy and creative inspiration)


      Dragon Prana ensures that the life force is assimilated into the energy system without being negatively impacted by any harmful attachments that may be held by others.

      A celestial entity embodies pure YANG energy, while the spirit represents pure YIN energy. As humans, we exist in the middle, with a balance of both YANG and YIN energies. If we find ourselves with an excess of YIN energy, Dragon Prana can help to rejuvenate and restore balance to our entire energetic system.

      Effect on the Aura

      • It boosts your metabolic rate.

      • YANG and active prana are increased.

      • Stimulates the kundalini.

      • Keep the life force going.

      • Increases the sun-like presence in the environment by boosting internal chi.

      Product Include

      1. Mandala Astral Star
      2. Optical Cable
      3. Pyramid Crystal Holder
      4. Support Piece
      5. Crystal Holder
      6. L-Shape Holder
      7. CPL Filter
      8. AC power cord
      9. Harmonistic Universe Sphere 50 mm
      10. Crystal Bead Set